Chef’s Plate

*All opinions are of my own and I was in no way compensated for this post.

I love to cook, but I always struggle with coming up with new dishes with an interesting flavor profile. Prior to going to the grocery store, I would always google recipes and add the items onto my shopping list. The problem is that I could never buy two celery stalks, or a small amount of cilantro (for example) and hated wasting all the leftover food. I searched online and found Chef’s Plate. Chef’s plate describes their service as “deliversing fresh ingredients & simple recipes right to your door every week – Recipes are ready in 30 minutes or less!”

You decide what plan you want to be on (two meals per week ($49.80), three meals ($65.70), or four meals($87.60)), and what day you want the food delivered. Two deliveries will be four plates – two plates for each meal/recipe (if you chose the option for two people). Full ingredients, and recipe cards are delivered in a refrigerated box.


Each recipe gives a “rating” on the skill required for the dish and of the prep time. I find the timing is unrealistic though, and always take around 10-15 minutes longer then their estimate.


In this particular recipe, we cooked Southern Style Salmon and Cheddar grits.


The fish dishes are decent sizes, but I find that the rest of the protein (chicken, beef) are very small portions. I usually make sure to buy additional protein to cook with the meal. There is always enough veggies/carbs (pasta, grits etc) for the extra protein. I struggle with the price, knowing I need to buy additional protein, but the recipes are absolutely delicious, and it is so nice to have a home cooked meal – that isn’t the typical Costco rotisserie chicken and salad (although there is nothing wrong with that)!

If you have read my review, and want to try Chef’s Plate, use my Referral Link for 3 free plates (full disclosure, I get two plates free when you use my referral!). That’s saving you $37! You can also use my social tag #3platesFromNorthofthecityblog

Thanks for reading, and happy cooking!


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