Blue Jays Spring Training in Dunedin, Florida

This week marks the official start to the 2017 Blue Jays Season! Woohooo!! I thought it would be a perfect time to do a post on our trip to Dunedin for Spring Training a few weeks ago. When planning the trip, I couldn’t find a thorough review – so here you go! This was our first trip as a family of three – tips for traveling with a child under 1 year old could fill up its own post entirely, so if you are interested in me doing a post on that, leave a message in the comments!

Summary of our trip: We flew in on a Friday through West Jet; toured around Tampa and the Dunedin/Clearwater/Oldsmar area for a few days, went to Blue Jays game on Sunday, and flew home on Monday. It was a quick trip, but a great little weekend getaway.


The stadium is located in the middle of a residential area. A lot of the nearby houses and small businesses were offering parking for a reduced rate. If you park at the stadium, it’s $20 USD, but you run the risk of getting hit by fly balls! I saw a few come close to hitting cars. We opted to park across the street for $10 USD at a local business. We arrived around 12 Noon (for 1 PM game) and there was lots of parking availability.

When entering the stadium, you need to go through normal MLB security and bag check area. They gave us hassle for having a large bag (we needed to accommodate diapers, baby food, sippy cups etc) but we were allowed in after they looked through it.


The stadium is fairly small – with around 5500 seats. Inside there are a ton of small stands with fresh lemonade, BBQ’ed hot dogs/hamburgers, beer etc. and in addition, normal concession stands. There is only one women’s washroom per side of the stadium, so of course there was a line!


When we entered the field, we were able to walk down to the front and stand at the fence. We saw the players come out and warm up, but not many stopped for autographs or to say hi, which was pretty disappointing. A lot of them didn’t even wave at the fans. Unfortunately we visited on a day where it was a split-squad (meaning half of the team plays in Dunedin, and the other half plays elsewhere). Fan favorites like Bautista and Donaldson were at the other stadium that day šŸ˜¦

His first Baseball Game!


Attending the game with a baby, I knew we wanted to get seats in the shade at the Florida Auto Exchange stadium. After reading several reviews, it was common knowledge that most seats in rows 13 and up are covered by the roof in sections 200 – 204, which is behind the Blue Jays bench. I checked stubhub and tickets were around $50 USD, but on ticketmaster they were $20 USD. We opted for the $20 tickets and sat in row 13, in section 200A (in yellow stadium map below). Here is the view from our seats.

We were in the shade the entire game. I did notice that ALL of the stadium, row 13 and up was in shade, so we weren’t necessarily limited to only the Blue Jays side of the field. As the sun started to set, rows 11 and up were in the shade.

It was nice to see lots of families and children there, but the majority were the snow birds! Blue Jays lost, but it was a great experience with perfect weather; so no complaints here!

We had such a great trip, we are going to make it a yearly family tradition.

Thanks for reading – and GO BLUE JAYS!


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