Chocolats Favoris, Aurora Review!

Over the weekend, we attended the Chocolate Favoris Grand Opening in Aurora. Having never heard of the company, but being HUGE lovers of Ice Cream and Chocolate, this was a must for us!

We went around 3 PM and it was really packed. I asked the employee and she said it was only busy because of the Grand Opening (due to the buy one get one free coupons!), but the previous week they were open it wasn’t as busy.

Since I had never been to Chocolate Favoris before, the ordering process was new to me. You step up to the register and tell the woman your choice of size and ice cream (Small/Vanilla for the husband, small/chocolate for me). I gave her my name, and paid $5.09 for the small (including tax). I then proceeded over to the Chocolate Dipping area where they called my name and asked me what kind of dip we wanted.

The chocolate ice cream can’t be dipped (I asked the employee why, she indicated it was due to the chocolate mix), so I opted for a bowl instead of cone. I selected the Salted Caramel dip (which was poured over the chocolate ice cream), and the hubby had Hazelnut Praline (dipped). Since mine was in the bowl, I was allowed free toppings (!), and got crushed nuts.


Full Disclosure: We didn’t get photos of our ice cream! The sauce hardened really nicely on the ice cream and was WONDERFUL. The salted caramel was very rich, but I still enjoyed it (obviously too much to get a photo). The above photo is from another patron, I believe this is a size Large. The small was pretty small, and in the bowl it was about 1.5 scoops of ice cream.

Besides the ice cream, there are a variety of chocolate confectioneries for purchase, including truffles. There were really great options for Easter Surprises for the kids, and of course you can buy a can of their chocolate sauces for fondue!

Overall Chocolate Flavoris in Aurora was worth the visit. Excellent ice cream, attentive customer service (even despite being so busy), and tons of snack options for later! While it was on the pricey side, we will definitely be back when we want a “gourmet” ice cream.

*All opinions are of my own

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